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  • Freedom Fighter $25
  • Minuteman $50
  • Emancipator $100
  • Patriot $200
  • Founder $500
  • Constitution $1,000
  • Any Amount

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Yes, we accept checks! Please mail your contribution to the address provided below.

Please make checks payable to "Mesa County Republican Party". 

Mesa County Republican Party
P.O. Box 423
Grand Junction, CO 81502

Our office sponsor for January, February, & March 2020 is:  Cody Davis

For the first time in Mesa County Republican history, the Mesa County Republican Party has opened what we intend to make a permanent office and headquarters, open year-round, even in non-election years.  This office will be used for training, retail sales, outreach, promotion, meetings, classes, events, storage, voter registration efforts, candidate support, general election operations, campaign headquarters, and so much more!  To pay for the monthly overhead associated with this office, without having to dip into our crucial and tightly-budgeted campaign funds, we are striving to recruit a mere 12 businesses, groups, or individuals each year who are willing to sponsor the cost of keeping the office open for at least one month out of the year.  The total cost for a monthly sponsorship is currently $600.  If you would like to become a yearly, onetime, or multi-month sponsor, we want to hear from you!  You may either make a donation of $600 now online, which will be applied to the next upcoming month for which we do not have a sponsor, or, you may call 970-623-1272, and ask about available months and choose one that works for your budget.  We greatly appreciate your generosity, and your critical assistance in our effort to keep the Mesa County Republican Party effective and funded!  During the month any individual/group/business is sponsoring the Republican office, we publicly recognize and thank our monthly sponsor for their for donation (unless you prefer to remain anonymous).



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All monies donated to the Mesa County Republican Party are used solely in efforts to elect Republican candidates to office locally, statewide, and federally.  No officer or staff member of the Mesa County Republican Party receives reimbursement or compensation for their service or work.  All County Party positions are exclusively volunteer positions.